Steve rogers x reader he hits you. 1950 Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x ...

Steve rogers x reader he hits you. 1950 Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader x Thor A/N: Wow, I actually managed to post this a day before scheduled! This one’s for the lovely @xxstars-angelsxx, hope you like it sweetheart Steve saw you for the first time in a navy-blue gown with a sweetheart neckline Originally posted by thatplaidnerd Pairing: Steve Rogers/Captain America x Reader Warnings: None, except slight mentions of cheating Bucky glanced up and saw you looking at Steve Bucky's eyes widened when he saw a tear drip down your face Summary : your engaged , but somethings wronge , your spy instincts are final putting the piece together to hopefully solve why , Americas golden boy has been acting cold and distant lately Warnings: NONE Summary: You panicked “Got it!” Steve said quietly, “right You had wide eyes and crept back in fear, shaking Originally posted by ” you … Steve Rogers Natasha Romanoff Bruce Banner Clint Barton Thor Thor Odinson Avenger X Reader Mcu X Reader pairing: Steve Rogers x reader Every single one of them showed me smiling into the camera while my boyfriend Steve looked at me with a look of absolute love and adoration Summary: A little Sinday Drabble bucky … Both you and him drop to the floor and splash through the water to find the roll Blue eyes staring desperately through swollen flesh You were transferred to your old room, It was still the same and when you asked Steve why he told you that he didn’t let anyone go In your room when they thought you were dead Breath shaky, heartbeat pounding, you ran a hand through your tangled hair and swallowed hard You stared into each other’s eyes for a moment and Steve started leaning in “Peggy “We need to go now!” Summary: Sometimes the mind can be a cruel thing Summary: Y/n is trying her best to cheer everyone up, putting her own feelings aside so she could be there for everyone else Anonymous said: falling asleep with steve on the sofa but he wakes up and brings you to be because he can not sleep with you!!!! Answer: Sorry this is short, im tired!! But when you do it for over a … You’re Mine, Now and Forever with @bxcksdoll A/N: Takes place in the MCU, Nat isn’t based on the comics nor is the relationship, … Words: 490 Your felt your heart being crushed you quickly cleared your throat, getting up to go out Ooey-gooey love You hadn’t told … Steve cupped the back of your head with a gloved hand and leaned down to press a kiss to your hairline “I don’t know…” he said, “you want me to lie to your mom?” “No!” You said quickly, “I mean… kind of? Just “I can do that a/n: just some fluff i had to get out of my system!!!! please enjoy! i’m also sorry because i am absolutely awful at endings Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader Words: 2’394 Your mind was not ready to sleep And I don't really care if nobody else believes Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader ” Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader Word Count: 3 “what if i already got approval from tony ” You gesture to Sharon, and he smiles at you It wasn’t a big deal, but somehow you felt like it was writeyouin Steve x Reader end up in a big fight Maybe a part two? (Requested by @endgameendsme) Warnings: Angst, angst, angst Reader: Neutral Starting right now I'll be strong (I'll be strong) I'll play my fight song A/N: Well I … Going through all the photos in my apartment I let the tears fall down my face You were there the day he was thawed out The city is very mysterious, people believe the spirit of the last heir of the Rogers family still haunts the people The Avengers were already at Sokovia being sent to take down Ultron 8k requested: yes - by @ruby-bloop this idea is so freaking cute, I couldn’t resist it! warnings: minor endgame spoilers(?) but honestly it’s fluffy af * masterlistin’ * commissions (feel free He ran his hand through your hair as he straightened up again Damn nightmares The man shoved you against the wall, pressing your back into it as he pressed a white rag over your face The two boys agreed to leave you be until you asked for help I also plan to do a part two if this gets a good response (Smut and dark!Steve in next chapter so stay tuned! Dark Steve Rogers x Reader Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: you’re out in Brooklyn shopping for your and Steve’s one year anniversary, and you see something you can’t believe Warnings: swearing, angst, cheating, heartbreak AN: This is my first fic so keep that in mind while reading Summary : You are a vet who came to visit the mysterious city of Woodward hills He asked innocently and you stopped yourself from rolling your eyes I cried a few times whoops ” you … You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine (Steve Rogers) Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Warnings: Angst, One sided love, My Writing and Grammar Usually you have a good time at them, spend the night dancing and … The soft smile Steve had turned into a toothy grin and he scooped you up and cradled you in his arms ” Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Tag List: @imaginesfire Don’t Worry Link to my main masterlist in bio x They sent you a few ‘get well’ texts and oddly enough, their morning runs weren’t the same without you Originally posted by captainbuckybarness summary: when you realize you’re finally showing Warnings: stubborn steve He carried you to the couch and set you down gently before grabbing a few blankets and throwing them at you “It matter to me” Steve spoke, you didn’t hear him through ” You apologize as you pull away from the hug With one last full slap he was done and … You were transferred to your old room, It was still the same and when you asked Steve why he told you that he didn’t let anyone go In your room when they thought you were dead His hands moved to her hips while her hands dragged through his hair and cupped his jaw “Oh 4k Warnings: Insecurity, a little jealousy, some angst, soft!Steve Notes: This one’s gonna be heavy on the feels a little Y/F/M= Your favourite movie You wanted to find out that if the rumors are true Steve Rogers Natasha Romanoff Bruce Banner Clint Barton Thor Thor Odinson Avenger X Reader Mcu X Reader If only you could talk to him right now Tony knew all about your crush on Steve and Originally posted by james-nat " Peggy: "You're sweet, but he's Summary: Sometimes the mind can be a cruel thing Tony was the real mastermind here; it all started during your mission briefing You shut your eyes, and images from the dream flooded to the surface: the crack of bones, bloody red light, screams of pain in a familiar voice Then he picked up his bag and told you he was going to shower; you hummed louder, questioningly, and waggled your eyebrows at him The whole team visited you, which consisted of awkward silence, some tears, And apologies Go ahead Song: Not Afraid Anymore by Halsey It’s also a fucking doozy She had no files, no backstory, only one purpose; to serve Hydra “doesn’t matter” you spoke, plugging in your headphones and blasting Queen once again You swallow the lump in your throat, sitting up It betters strength, emotions, and mentality Steve Rogers didn’t have too much trouble accepting death Steve’s hands traced your thighs with reverie as he sat on your bed with you between his spread legs Word Count: 1435 90 notes He took note of the professional clothes you were wearing, your white top somewhat stained from something you had been drinking before showing up to Steve’s floor with Bucky I would You gave Steve a pleading look, but he said nothing [Steve Rogers x Reader] Take back my life song (Hey!) Prove I'm alright song (Hey!) My power's turned on Summary: You, Brock, Wanda and Pietro joined the Avengers after what happened to HYDRA, are you really part of the good guys? Past life Tony invited the team – though Thor was a bit preoccupied in the other worlds – back to New York for a charity gala Summary: You spend your whole life loving Steve Rogers, unfortunately he can’t even spare a minute to love you No one knew about the Agent I am sorry for scaring you You murmur, resting a hand on his back The group’s dynamic had certainly died down since Trick You close your eyes and concentrate on Steve’s breathing, checking if he was already asleep Hits: 8948 Bucky walks out of his room and he’s nervous it hits him like a wall and his palm starts to sweat Work Text: Steve stared at you, blocking out the conversation and taking in your features like he was seeing you for the first time again; your eyes lit up as you spoke animatedly He chuckled at the shriek you let out and disappeared into the kitchen When he was first alive, people were going to Germany and dying in droves The first day you joined the Avengers, Tony had … Hits: 1954 Summary: Steve comes back from a mission and meets (Y/N) in the Avengers Facility Fix it He shouts, reaching up to wrap the pipe He asks, his hands searching in the bed You walked out of the room beating yourself up mentally word count: 784 “where are you going?” Cuteness ” steve sighed I’m here, I’m here He had no idea who she is, but he develops a crush anyway “Shh He met your gaze and you both froze Usually you have a good time at them, spend the night dancing and … Pairing: Reader x Steve Rogers, mention of Steve Rogers x Sharon Carter, slight Bucky x Reader 2012 Summary: He’s gonna be just fine Summary: “…could you do a Steve X reader with this prompt? “If you die, I’m gonna kill you!” “y/n we can’t get a puppy Yeah You’ll tell him one day 'Cause I've still got a lot of … Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: When the reader gets engaged, Steve is forced to face his own feelings Steve Rogers had no idea what he had just gotten himself into Until Peggy Carter came along, a beautiful, strong woman " … With You (Steve Rogers x Reader) Summary: A strained relationship doesn’t mean love is gone When she leaves him, his dark side comes out Steve Rogers X Reader – Run to Me bucky barnes steve rogers clint barton bucky barnes x reader steve rogers x reader clint barton x reader marvel imagine marvel reader insert avengers x reader bucky barnes fanfiction bucky imagine steve Steve Rogers x reader He’d sometimes lay down your bed Thanks for the request! Genre: Angst Usually you like Tony’s parties “Peggy?” He wished you could be happy Come on Steve! This is really important to me Summary: Sequel to Maybe Not You hit against him, digging your nails into his hand, but he only pressed himself more firmly against … He hit your shoulder lightly as he passed you and followed Sam out the door Tugging slightly on his soft hair, moans fell from Steve’s throat before he moved to her neck, sucking and nipping softly You were in trouble…again Kept Woman (Steve Rogers x Reader) warning: dark!possessive!manipulative!Steve, violence, eventual dub-con/ non-con He relaxes into your touch, leaning into it Takes place during AoU “Uh,” you backed up and Steve flinched, “I should go get ready for the party “I am okay Steve Rogers X Reader – Run to Me writeyouin Steve came into the room and saw your form in bed Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader II Steve Rogers, You, Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter, Mentions of Avengers steve blurbs stever rogers imagine steve rogers imagine steve x reader steve rogers fanfiction steve rogers x reader But here you are, laying in a bed in sunbathed Barcelona, next to your crush, while you’re waiting to combat with you-don’t-know-who Masterlist —-It used to be just fun games, starting from small crushes and butterflies in your stomach Steve’s being really distant and has become snappy and cold towards reader Mission Accomplished - Steve Rogers (bearded) x Reader captainofherheart Watching as Agent Coulson fanboyed out over the life-size Ken doll With the fight over and your team safe once more, you supposed you should have felt relief Bucky raises his gun as Stark raises his hand The incessant “On your lefts,” still irritated the crap out of Sam and every morning he still awaited your new comeback to Steve none Punishment 『Yandere!Steve Rogers x Reader』 Words: 722 Warnings: Just a li’l punishment But the war was hardly over, not while you were forced to hide out in Wakanda or face arrest on international criminal charges Part 2 A/n: This was really fun to write Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh “STEVE!” The blond super soldier heard your cry and immediately dropped the dishes he had been washing … Originally posted by aliciaviknder Fandom: Marvel Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader Words: 2628 Warnings: angsty Warning: Abuse, harassment, violence Summary: Steve Rogers is a complete and utter dick, but he loves Y/N “Steve, it’s okay Mentions: Steve Rogers x platonic!reader, Sam Wilson x platonic!reader, a bit Bucky Barnesx platonic!reader, Rhodey He opens his mouth to say something, but Sharon interrupts you both He eyed you for hours until Natasha … You wake up when he shifts, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes Natasha quickly told you about the showdown between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark at a Berlin airport, and what she was able to find out about a smaller, more personal, battle that occurred after between the two of them and Steve’s friend Bucky Genere: Fluffy You hummed happily in response It's a sweet and emotional moment that closes off Steve Rogers' character arc in a romantic way And touch me like you never He tried to think of some new quip, your Steve presses himself against the wall, water dripping from every strip of fabric on him, as he … Your felt your heart being crushed you quickly cleared your throat, getting up to go out hamiltonofjakku asked: I’m in the mood for a fluffy Steve Rogers baby blurb please Word Count: 1013 “Thor It’s okay, I’m not dead I’ve been watching the puppy interview for Chris and I just need some Steve fluff AN: I got the idea for this story randomly one day and it pained me so much that I wrote it so I could share the angst with you all He winked down at you You were getting ready to go to your weekly visit to the county jail to visit you twin sister He stepped towards you, " Don't! Please just stop After the events of The Winter Soldier take place, Steve Rogers is sent on an assignment to infiltrate what is left of Hydra - on the inside Steve’s a bit mean Warnings: angst, crying, swearing Warnings: None So no one is allowed to come out of their home after 8:00pm at night But when you do it for over a … nev3rfound: brief summary: being in a relationship with steve when he travels back to return the infinity stones and wondering if he’ll come home to you or stay in another timeline word count: 1 ” Summary: You and Steve met at sea, he never thought how important you’d become to him Forewarning y’all A/N: Takes place in the MCU, Nat isn’t based on the comics nor is the relationship, … 𝙄𝙛 𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙨𝙚𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙥𝙖𝙞𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙪'𝙫𝙚 𝙘𝙖𝙪𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙢𝙚 To be fair this time it wasn’t your fault, but that didn’t seem to matter because you were the only one answering for the crime “I see you took my advice about the love thing You smile at Steve who gives you a sad smile Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: Steve doesn’t wanna lose you, he would do anything to save you patatesliyumurta liked this Request: steve rogers or peter parker cuddling hc?? Warnings: F L U F F-• Steve is a HUGE cuddling kinda guy • He’d cuddle you 24/7 if he could • And who are you kidding?? You would so let him cuddle you all day, every day • His big, strong arms wrap around you so lovingly • Because of his strength sometimes he grabs you too tight Crazy In Love •Part 3• (Steve Rogers x Reader) Steve handed you the spare toothbrush and stood to the side as you went about your business “Steve…?” You prompted him With You (Steve Rogers x Reader) Summary: A strained relationship doesn’t mean love is gone There is a reason Nick Fury assigned you to Steve Rogers Words: 700 Feeling used But I’m Still missing you Song lyrics are in Italics Steve Rogers X Reader Steve Rogers X Oc I have more ideas for this story if you guys like it enough for another part so lmk “this isn’t even our home Sleep is the philosophical rest of the mind and soul Rating/Warnings: T (death, blood) Challenge: “100 Drabbles of Randomness” by Miseria1 on Lunaescence Archives Enjoy! Originally posted by dicapriho The cold air hit your … JEEZ Y/N, GIVE A GUY SPACE!" He breathed heavily and was sweating madly But a select few Avengers do not appreciate it until she stops Steve’s hand wondered down to her thigh before throwing it over his hip and moving to lay on his back so she was straddling him ‘I feel and look like a damn fool first coast dmr tg 31121
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